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We have had a really successful 4 years since starting Graphics Bite and hope the success continues throughout 2019/20. After rapidly establishing Graphics Bite as the No.1 Digital Marketing Agency in New Milton, I am now working on making my business the "Go To" agency in Bournemouth and Poole, for Pay-Per-Click Advertising and SEO.

I have been designing websites since I was 10 years old, carrying out all types of I.T services for friends and family. I soon realised after browsing online it’s rare to come across a web agency that provides a truly personal service at an affordable price. Many digital marketing agencies typically have large teams, big offices, high prices and to be honest, you’re just a number to them.

I launched Graphics Bite in order to connect with local businesses and self-employed tradesmen to provide a local, truly personal service where 'Joe the plumber' can sit down with me, discuss his goals and let me take his business online the right way.

My clients have given me fantastic feedback over the years, typically saying that I have made the process easy by taking control of their business online and talking in real-world language when explaining how everything works. I go above and beyond for my clients, providing advice on a wide range of services including SEO and Pay-Per-Click advertising.

My offices cover the New Forest (New Milton, Highcliffe, Lymington), Bournemouth, Poole & surrounding areas. Although I typically work with local clients, I have got many clients based further afield such as London (UK), San Diego (US) and Queensland (Australia) so I can work with clients overseas through the use of Skype / WhatsApp or Email.

If you're unsure about whether Graphics Bite is right for you, call me on 01425 821005 or 01202 830519 and I'll be sure to put your mind at ease regarding your next project.

I look forward to working with you.
Gary Tylee – Managing Director

Our Timeline

12th January

Company Launch & First Customer

I launched Graphics Bite early January 2015 and started cold calling local businesses from the Yellow Pages until I got my first meeting with Pro Drainage who then became my first client.

30th November

Left My Job For Graphics Bite Full Time

After building up the business from January to November, Graphics Bite was in a position for me to leave my job and become self-employed full time.

12th January

Survived First Year of Business

Graphics Bite has officially reached it’s first year of business. Accordingly to FoxBusiness.com, roughly 20% of businesses survive past their first year. Not bad eh!

9th March

New Graphics Bite Website Version 3

Our slick new website went live. The new version contains more information about the company and what services we offer.

April / May

Secured 100 Clients

This was around the time we’d taken on our 100th client.

6th June

Secured Our Biggest Project

One of our clients wanted to get their large website completely re-designed. We put in a proposal and we won the project. This turned out to be our biggest web design project and sale made to date at £9,000.

28th June

Became Google AdWords Partner

We officially became a Google Partner, specialising in Ads. To get this, we had to be managing over £10,000 a month of advertising budgets and following Google’s recommended ad practices.

12th January

Been Open 2 Years

Graphics Bite’s reached it’s 2nd birthday and I’ve survived running the company full-time for just over a year.

3rd April

Got Keys To First Shop

After waiting over a year to find the right location for our first office, we found the perfect place to setup shop. Let the renovations begin…

24th April

New Milton Office Officially Open

The most exciting thing that’s happened since I started the company. We finished the renovations and opened our doors to the public!

24th July

Sarah Ellen Joins Graphics Bite

Sarah Ellen joined Graphics Bite to be our in-house Graphic Designer and manage the companies Social Media accounts.

22nd August

Joined FSB

We decided to enrol with the biggest business representation group in the UK – FSB. FSB (Federation of Self Employed & Small Businesses) are experts in business who offer a wide range of business services including advice, financial expertise & support.

12th January

Celebrating 3 Years Of Graphics Bite

3 years ago today I took out the yellow pages and started cold calling businesses to help improve their online image; whether that’s a website re-design or managing their advertising spend.

9th April

Guest Speaker @ Kingston University Marketing Degree Show

I was invited down to Kingston University to be a guest speaker at the students end of term Marketing Degree Show. The presentation was based around how I started Graphics Bite and how a digital marketing agency works day-to-day.

12th June

Passed AdWords Search & Fundamentals Exam

I’ve passed the Google AdWords Exams 2018, getting certifications in AdWords Search and AdWords Fundamentals. This shows we are qualified to setup and manage your Google Ads.

16th July

New Graphics Bite Website Version 4

Our new site is live!! A task I’ve never got round to doing, finally I’ve sat down and re-designed our website from scratch to be as clean and perfect as possible.

12th January

Celebrating 4 Years Of Graphics Bite

Graphics Bite has made it to it’s 4th year of trading. We’ll be spending 2019 building on the success we had in 2018.

6th March

Reached 50 Reviews on TrustPilot

We love to push our customers to leave a review once any work is finished, to help any potential customers get an understanding of the quality of our work and how we operate. We’ve just received our 50th published review on TrustPilot. Other reviews are scattered across a range of sites:

TrustPilot – click here to read reviews.
Yell.com – click here to read reviews.
Google – click here to read reviews.
Facebook – click here to read reviews.
Reviews.co.uk – click here to read reviews.

22nd March

Joined Checkatrade.com

With Checkatrade opening their doors to web designers and IT companies, we’ve jumped straight on to be the first marketing agency in the New Forest listed on their directory. We plan to use Checkatrade to promote our fantastic client feedback and boost our dominance as the local leaders in the industry.

View our profile here.

24th June

We’ve Moved Shop! GB Version 2.0

After two years at the first office, we’ve now moved on to a bigger space. We’ve just picked up the keys and are spending the next few weeks renovating the shop. We’re looking to be finished by the end of July.

Click here for more about the shop move.

27th June

Reached 50 Reviews on Google & Yell.com

YEP. The BIG 50. Customers can only leave a Google review by already having an existing Gmail / GSuite account, so we think it’s great we’ve managed to nag enough of our Google loving clients to reach 50 solid reviews on Google & Yell.com. I guess the next goal is 100…

Google – click here to read reviews.
Yell.com – click here to read reviews.

12th July

Officially Trademark Protected

It’s taken a while but after 4 years we’ve finally got round to trademarking the business name and logo, keeping us protected from copycats.

More information coming soon.

23rd August

New Signage Is Up

Finally we’ve got our signage up on the new office! Thanking New Forest Signs for their hard work on getting this made and ready within two weeks of ordering.

Click here to check out New Forest Signs.

7th November

The Office is Finally Ready

We’ve been renovating the shop since we got the keys in June and have finally finished. As you can see, this year we decided to get right into the Christmas spirit!

Ho-Ho-Ho!! 🎅🏻🎅🏻

12th January

5 Years of Business

I’d like to thank all my clients who helped make 2019 the best year yet! The business has come along way since launch in 2015, and it’s hard to imagine we would be here 5 years later.

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