I suppose it started as a loose conversation to see if Gary needed a helping hand – timing has it that he did. I needed a bit more stability and he needed a ‘part timer’.

I’ve come on board as a web designer/social media manager and so far loving it. Gary has a wealth of knowledge and somehow manages to give me enough space to learn, work things out for myself and guide me whereby needed. I’d say since being here I’ve zoomed through making up websites – which has been fantastic.

Prior to starting I was working in web design/SMM so I had a bit of knowledge however, my skills are definitely blossoming on a daily basis.

Sometimes when you work in a place you either work out you would never use their services or you totally would..I can safely say for an outsider Gary is your go to guy. From website jargon to google ads he manages to break things down, simplifying them into bite sized pieces that a proper novice could understand.

It’s been a smooth transition from working at home to being back in an office and I enjoy coming in and cracking on, learning new tips & tricks and seeing the outcome of a functional site.

A couple of the live sites I’ve been working on are:


Look forward to making many more sites and helping anyone that may need our expertise.

Kimberley Aurow

Web Designer, Social Media Manager - Get in contact if you would like to talk about how we can help you move forward with your business.

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