Top 8 Reasons To Start A Blog

Become A Specialist – People can start blogs on any topic imaginable. Successful bloggers become established in their field. Over time the more they share and build awareness on their chosen topics the more their knowledge grows in a particular field. It’s a great idea to share more of your expertise, your website can then adapt into a useful place for people to come and seek your insights. As your blog grows it will be obvious that you’re an expert. Blogging allows anyone with a valuable message to be established as an expert.

Progress To Sell Your Product – Your blog can make a great online store, You could sell anything from Ebooks to Online memberships.

Express Yourself In A Creative Way – Blogging can be a liberating form of expressing yourself whether it’s personal or professional. You can stand out from the crowd and be authentic.

Have Your Own Online Identity That You Can adapt To Suit You – Wether its personal or professional there is probably a lot of information on the internet about you. When anyone searches you online, don’t you want that information to paint an accurate picture of you? Give the world accurate information about you and your expertise.

Use Your Blog To Make A Difference – You can use your blog to help others – whether it’s personal or professional, other people will learn from your ideas and expertise. A powerful blog can educate, motivate and bring like minded people together. You can tell your story, your way, without relying on any journalists. Blogging allows you to be factual about what you’re telling the world.

Enhance Your SEO – Search engines aim to give the best access to their users. When you are continuously updating your blog and adding information on a regular basis, the search engines take notice. Each of your posts if done well are an opportunity to receive clicks to your site. Build, rapport and engage.

Start An Email Database – People check their emails everyday, Social media is a brilliant way to communicate but it isn’t as reliable as email. It isn’t always easy getting someones email but when you do it’s a connection with that individual. This allows you to get their attention at any point you want to build awareness regarding your business or personal blog.

Blogging Can Make You Money – If you grow your blog audience there can be ways to monetise. Having extra sources of income can always be beneficial. Blogging can make a good additional income. The income doesn’t have to correlate with the amount of time you put into blogging, if you’re smart about it.

How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

Promote Your Blog On You Social Media – As soon as you share a new post, promote it over your social media feeds: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Spread the word to friends and colleagues.

Make Sure Your Posts Are Seen On Search Engines – Make sure you check your blog privacy settings to make sure your posts are visible to search engines.

Spread The Word – Tell your friends and family about your blog, build awareness. Send them reminder emails when you update anything and chat about it when you meet up with them. Make friends aware that they can sign up for updates by following RSS feeds or subscribing to your newsletter. Looking after your audience whether it’s big or small can make all the difference. Add value to their day.

Tagging – Its essential that you use appropriate tags for your blog. Categories and tags are a way for people to find your posts. Don’t go crazy, 15 is a good amount.

Read And Write Your Thoughts On Other Blogs – Find other bloggers that share similar interests to you. You can do this on the Discover page of WordPress. Subscribe to other blogs, build rapport and start online conversations to build awareness of your blog.

Incorporate Other Blogs Into Yours – Blogging is about making connections online. Linking to a blog post on your site will likely see your site on their stats, or on pingback and in turn take a look at what message you’re getting out into the world. They may even subscribe to you too!

Post A Blog On A Regular Basis – If you can, at the same time each week or month. Set a scheduler to plan your posts. Bloggers that regularly post content and schedule tend to build an audience faster.

Pay For People To Come To Your Site – There are various web applications such a Stumble Upon that can bring people to your site. If you’ve posted a piece of work that you want peoples opinion on this can be a good way of doing that.

Enjoy The Process, It Will Take Time – Doing all of the tips above won’t necessarily mean you’ll get a massive following over night – Rome wasn’t built in a day. Building a strong audience of faithful and engaging readers takes times. Many successful bloggers out there today have been blogging for years. Stay on course, and don’t be disheartened by a slow start. It will be worth it.

Written by Sarah Ellen – Marketing & Development at Graphics Bite

Gary Tylee

Founder and Managing Director. I started Graphics Bite back in 2015 from my bedroom and have turned the business into a full service creative marketing agency, offering everything from Website Design to SEO. All blog articles written by me are my own views.