I think everyone may know about landing pages – kind of one page sites. As a rule they play definite role. But now we can see a lot of companies who create their own landing pages and these sites provide their owners with a good profit.

You may know that traffic of landing page is not always equal. It can be hard to run pain traffic. Everyone has to know how to keep his subscriber numbers high, but bounce rates low. But very often we can see a situation when someone makes landing page and wants to cut the price for design but instead we get an awful cheap site. And I think such a site will not attract anyone. That is why I recommend you to compare your wishes with your opportunities.

But how to create a money-making landing page? Here I want to share some advices with you.

Make landing page is like build a house

First of all you should make a plan. An architect makes a plan before building a hose. And that is what you should do. You should remember that structure and text is a frame of a page and pictures, effects and fonts are secondary details.  

Write down your ideas

Every time you think that you have brilliant idea write it down. No matter where you are at that moment. Always keep a piece of paper to write your thoughts down. Then you can come home and put your thought in real.

Make a draft of your site

You should think how to introduce text at your landing page. Draw it and you will see what colours and pictures to pick. You may see how to move blocks on your page. As soon as you look into your draft you will have an idea of its design.

Time for text and pictures

Put your text and picture at your landing page. You will see if they are in harmony or not. You will see if you have enough text  and if it fits for your pictures. You can add more and remove what is unnecessary.

Сheck the whole structure

First of all you should copy all the text and paste it in an ordinary WordPad. If you get an article similar to a story, this means that everything is perfect. If not, try to edit your text.

I have some tips for you how to be profitable designing landing page.

  1. First of all you should remember a gold rule CONTENT FIRST, DESIGN LAST. Use it and you will be succeed!
  2. Landing should be simple. Flash animation, a lot of graphics, effects, banners – these all can be cool, but it works against you. Simple and tasteful – these two words you should always remember.
  3. Title. People like colourful words. It can be one word but with the most useful meaning. Too much letters is not good for you.
  4. Do all your best to get perfect design. It plays more than central role. That is why don’t be a penny-father and be ready to pay for a brilliant design.
  5. Put the main information in the frames of one screen. People don’t like to read if they have to scroll.
  6. Do not forget about ORDER bottom. Your clients should WANT to push it. Make it big and tasty.
  7. And remember about colour! Colour means brand.

Play with Colours

Yes, you read correctly. Your landing page colours take a great part in your conversions. You may know that different colours create different connections with your imagination. I think you know that blue colour make your safe and sound and red remind about something urgent.

An image gives a lot of information in a very short time because we get an image all at once, whereas reading or hearing often takes some longer to give us  the same information.

I think everyone knows a cliché that says, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

If you want your landing page  to choose nice colours for your logo, remember what each colour represents.

Your landing page should not be made based only upon good look. Try different colours to understand the emotions of them.

Also I  would like to show you KissMetrics statistics to help you understand and choose appropriate colour for your landing page or even for your brand.

I hope this article was helpful for you and you will take something in consideration from it. I would like to see your comments and questions of course. Feel free to ask.

About the author: Natali Karabut is on the marketing team at Design Contest. She is fond of everything new to read and learn. She knows how to tell you about the latest news in design world and be useful for you.

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