Can Email Marketing Still Be Effective?

Many marketers today have given up on email marketing and focus solely on social media for company promotion, because they claim email marketing is no longer effective. This is not the case.

I’ve carried out marketing services for hundreds of clients over the last 3 years and I can tell you email marketing is certainly still extremely effective if executed correctly. Social media is of course gaining more and more traction as time goes on, and if you’re a brand new business starting out with no current customers or followers, social media post promotions are your best route to gain followers. However if you already have a follower base / list of customers, email marketing is perfect as it’s direct and most ‘if not all’ of your recipients will see the email.

Over the 3 years I have been carrying out marketing for clients, email campaigns have been way more effective than any social media campaigns I’ve done – especially for e-commerce clients.

Case Study – Grandmaster Angelo

We launched a re-designed version of Grandmaster Angelo’s website back in mid-September after his online sales were drying up. Once the website went live, we focused on email marketing, sending out a “new website launch” email newsletter to his 600 customers (he had never emailed any of these customers before now).

Sales spiked straight away thanks to people checking out his new re-designed website and clearly being impressed. As you can see from the image below, over the first 4 days sales totalled to £1,239.77.

For the next few weeks we carried on posting on Facebook and Instagram, promoting the new website and the martial art dvds that are for sale. As you can see, sales were averaging around £80-£100 a day.

We created a new email campaign ready for Halloween, offering 25% OFF for 1 day only. The simple email newsletter you see below, generated over £1,100 in sales in one day. This is impressive considering only a month before that, the re-designed site was only just launching.

Social media campaigns can be just as effective depending on what your business is, however email marketing is still one of the best outbound marketing techniques to this day and it’s not going to change anytime soon.

Start Your Email Marketing Today

If you’re running an e-commerce website, you should be investing time and money into email marketing and social media promotion. A great place to get started is with MailChimp.

Creating email campaigns with MailChimp is fairly simple with their drag-and-drop builder interface, however for a truly successful email marketing campaign, you should hire a marketer or agency to create your campaign as the results will certainly be better.

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Gary Tylee

Founder and Managing Director. I started Graphics Bite back in 2015 from my bedroom and have turned the business into a full service creative marketing agency, offering everything from Website Design to SEO. All blog articles written by me are my own views.

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