With just slightly less than a month of working with Gary, I’ve come to the understanding that if destiny is an actual thing, then me finding and applying, to a job that was posted literally a minute before I saw it, was definitely predetermined by fate.

I’m the sort of developer that likes to work at my own pace which can vary quite a bit, and I’ve yet to experience any kind of discomfort, stress or anxiety.

Gary did an excellent job of making sure that the workplace is as neat and professional as possible, which is something I wouldn’t hope for at these times and after a long streak of failed/rejected awkward interviews which, by the way, was the absolute opposite with Gary because I personally feel like we’ve clicked right from the start.

As for the work itself, it seems I’ve fit quite well since I already had all the appropriate skill sets and an understanding of UX/UI design, computer science and whatnot. Although, not every skill came in handy yet, I have still learned quite a bit of other things, which means there is more space for learning, especially on the fly while working on the projects. Such is the best way of growing both professionally and personally.

I aspire to become even better at what I do alongside Gary and make Graphics Bite the best digital agency in Dorset and Hampshire, someday.

Speaking of work and projects, I’ve managed to develop and design 4 websites so far, I would love to say that I am proud of myself, but the “artist” in me can almost never be satisfied with his work until it’s done to absolute perfection

2 of the 4 websites are live now:

That’s as far as it goes with the general work I do here, but there are also other things which I work on quite a bit, for instance, making/designing brand logos, simple logos, doing some SEO (had experience with it on my previous job, but now am even better at it) and occasionally writing small blogs/posts or rewriting them to be more grammatically correct and other small random tasks which I can’t recall at the moment.

Overall, I’m extremely lucky and happy to be a part of Graphics Bite and hope to stick around for long. Thank you for being interested in this article and reading it till the end, you’re a legend!

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