As a first year Graphics Design Student at Solent Southampton University I feel grateful that Gary has taken me on as an apprentice for two months this summer.

I’ve really enjoyed gaining a greater understanding of Website design, SEO, Social Media & Email Marketing. Graphics Bite has opened my eyes to all the different ways you can reach people online. These skills will be essential for my own practice now and in the future. As a Graphic Designer it is within my best interest to understand the basics of SEO, Social Media & Email Marketing so that I can expand my audience and help clients to not only brand their business’s but to also get their business’s off to a running start.

During my time with Graphics Bite I have designed logos, adapted websites, written blogs and built email campaigns.

Here is some of the email campaigns I built & some of the benefits to starting your own…

Email Campaigns for Fuel FX

Email Campaign for Grandmaster Angelo

I’ve realised that Email Marketing is a massive benefit to new and existing businesses.
It gives you the ability to manage who sees an email and customize each message for individual customers, meaning a higher conversion rate.

Email Marketing will increase your brand awareness, make your business sharable through the simple click of a button and it’s affordable. With email marketing you don’t have to pay for print costs, postage fees or advertising rates.

Email Marketing is a great way to see which information your audience and customers are most responsive too, this then gives you an idea on how to plan successful and significant campaigns in the future.

Whats’ great about mail chimp the email marketing platform is that it is simple and effective.
Their blog is so helpful for novices. If you want great tips on how to start email campaigning yourself I would start there. Even better, give Gary a call and he can explain it all, a fountain of knowledge when it comes to Digital Marketing.

It’s been fantastic having a Digital Marketing job. Mainly because it’s a growing industry.
I’m grateful that everyday working for Gary I have learnt something new. I’ve gained so much more adobe software confidence and I now feel like more of an internet whizz. Working in the Digital Marketing Industry allows you to be creative and see physical results on a daily basis, this is a great feeling.

It amazes me how many Digital Marketers come from a wide range of backgrounds. You don’t have to be a Designer or an Internet whizz to learn these skills and make them work for you and your business.

It’s been so enjoyable to learn from Gary, I can tell why his clients come back again and again.
I hope to design more for Graphics Bite’s clients in the future but for now it’s back to University!

Thanks for a great 2 months of Digital Marketing Graphics Bite.

Sarah Ellen

Graphics Bite