From the 15th to 19th of July I spent a week at graphics bite for work experience.

Over the 5 days, Gary has shown me various aspects of online marketing and web design. I’ve created designs for various mail marketing campaigns, using adobe photoshop. This has given me a great understanding of how industry standard software is used professionally to create designs. Also, this has shown me the value of email marketing, which is often considered a dead medium. I have learned how email marketing can be used to reach thousands of potential customers who will be interested in the marketed product.

Email Campaigns I Designed for Emoji Fresh

In addition, I have used WordPress to design a website for an Indian restaurant/takeaway. This was incredibly interesting, as web design is vastly different in a professional setting to how it is taught in education. I had never used WordPress before, but found Gary’s advice very useful and I managed to get familiar and comfortable with the process very quickly.

Website I Helped Design –

Although the work experience at graphics bite was rather casual, I was using industry standard software and was given real tasks within a professional business, giving me an accurate representation of the working process to create products used in the field of email marketing and web design. I found this week of work experience very insightful and gained a lot of knowledge that I’m sure I’ll go on to use in the future.

Thanks Gary!

Graphics Bite